Where I can get AionBot.net scripts?

Scripts can be found inside the AionBot.net software under the "Script Packages Manager" tab. Everything can be downloaded and updated from there (recomended).

You can also find the scripts on the website at https://www.aionbot.net/Download/Scripts. To manually install the scripts you need to extract their content to the "Scripts" folder.

Why I'm getting the following message after opening AionBotnet.Client "Your license is invalid or expired. Contact support?"

You need to buy an AionBotnet valid license or request a trial before using the software. To buy a license or request a trial visit http://www.aionbot.net/Purchase.

License activation could take a few hours (max 24H). If you already bought a license and are getting the same error message contact our support via Discord.

Were do I get my Unique ID?

1. Download and extract the file anywere on your computer GeneratorUniqueId

2. Open the "GeneratorUniqueId.exe" software as Admin (Right click > Run as Admin);

3. Copy all the text inside it.

How many AionBot.Net instances can I run?

You can open as many instances as you want, the only limitation will be the amount of Aion clients that your computer can run simultaneously.

How can I open more than 2 Aion clients (European and North America official client only) using the official Aion launcher?

To bypass 2 Aion client limit you can use our AionBotnet.AccountManager.exe

How do I use the AionBotnet.AccountManager?

1. Right click on "AionBotnet.AccountManager.exe" and chose "Run as Admin".

2. Fill the login/email and password.

3. Click on Advanced Settings and fill all the information. You can't leave any fields blank.

3.1. Attach AionBot.net This option will automatically open AionBot.net and attach it to the account that you logged in (recomended).

3.2. Active alert This option will automatically activate the Alert option inside AionBot.net software (you can find it under "Tools > Alerts" on the AionBot.net software - optional);

3.3. Active cheating tools This option will automatically activate the "Cheating tools" option inside AionBot.net software (you can find it under "Tools > Cheating Tools" on the AionBot.net software - recomended).

3.4. Script This option will automatically run the selected script on the logged in account. You won't need to do anything manutally. All you will need to do after configuring it for the first time is to click on the Login buttom. (It's recomended to leave this blank on the first time you run the software to configure the script manually - we will get to that).

3.5. Profile This option allows you to chose a previously saved profile of the Script you selected above - we will get to that).

What can AionBot.net do?

It can increase your movement speed to the maximum server allowed values, 5-6% extra movement speed, which looks like using chanter buffs.

It can increase your DPS as Damage Per Second, by using Attack speed hack 1 - 99%, animations will be reduced highly, which means, more skills per second, and thus more damage (Your attacks will do the same damage numbers, but they will be done faster).

You can glide everywhere, travel long distances with no rubberband using your character glide. This allows you to reach instance areas that are not accessible in an easy way, so you can get special items from boxes and other stuff.

You can lock height with no gravity, so you can walk in the air to move inside instances.

You can go through instance floor and roofs, so you can skip doors and prevent timers to be activated, get inside locked rooms and many other things instance related.

You can see a list of enemies with radar and entities list, this is a great advantage in PvP to know what enemies are around, and which ones are invisible.

You can farm items with the Grinder function which helps a lot to craft sets and usefull game stuff.

You can automatize pretty much every single process of the game, from simple tasks like using items automatically (potions, scrolls, bundles) to do whole instances automatically (Requires C# + Scripting knowledge).

What can't do AionBot.Net?

Just as a way of clarification, here's a list of things that the software can do, so you can expect to see in game. There are certain things Aion servers can limit in your characters, some of them are:

Character casting speed.

Character base stats: Magical Attack, Physical Attack, Magical/Physical Defense, Health/Mana amount.

Character Damage (There's no way to 1 hit K.O bosses).

Kinah NPC sale limit per week.

Kinah prices for items.

Gear enchantment process.

Monster drops in general.

Items dropped from event boxes.